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Highlighting Dave, Our Community Leader!

At Summit Retail Solutions, our success starts with our people. We are committed to raising up a community of leaders. We do this by providing extensive training and benefits to all new hires and connecting them with key leaders within the organization who act as mentors.

One member of our community of leaders is Dave K. Dave began working at Summit Retail Solutions because of the opportunities for growth and expansion that we offer to all our employees through extensive training and benefits. Dave’s family is his biggest personal driver for success.

Dave is a Market Manager and understands that new opportunities also bring new challenges. This awareness has helped him embrace challenges that come his way with a positive attitude. The training and mentorship he has received at Summit Retail Solutions has helped him grow through these challenges. He appreciates that he is surrounded by fellow leaders whose values and goals are similar to his.

As a member of our community of leaders, Dave often gives career advice to new leaders. His biggest piece of advice for new members of the Summit Retail Solutions team is: “I’ve seen lots of people quit and give up on their goals, but I’ve never seen anybody fail who has stickitivity.”

Dave’s future goals include helping Summit Retail Solutions expand its national presence across our retail partners and expanding the show style division to other retailers. Dave’s forward-thinking approach and goal setting has fueled his success at Summit Retail Solutions.

Ready to join our community of leaders? Our fast-paced organization rewards people who are self-directed and hungry for success. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Summit.

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