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Summit Retail Solutions: On a Mission to Grow Brands & Produce Results

Summit Retail Solutions helps brands connect with more customers through customized, authentic face-to-face interactions led by our experienced team of sales professionals in big box retail settings.

Drawing on our depth of marketing and brand partnership experience, we deliver aggressive solutions that significantly increase revenue and brand loyalty.

A Visionary Sales Organization

Summit Retail Solutions will continue to accelerate growth for our clients and people. Through education and networking opportunities, we will equip the next generation of professional sales leaders. By positioning ourselves as a trusted partner to our clients, we will drive their success and redefine face-to-face marketing.

We are committed to:

  • Authenticity and honesty in all interactions
  • Innovation and a cutting-edge, solutions-focused mindset
  • Authentic, face-to-face presentations with a focus on providing tangible value
  • Recognizing and rewarding hard work and success
  • Active leadership and mentorship
  • Identifying leaders and growing our team from the inside

Powered by Leaders

The Summit Retail Solutions executive team has spent years refining the custom, face-to-face marketing and retail sales solutions we use. They invest all their insights and experience into career development and mentorship for our people and into solutions that drive the success of our clients. The experience and achievement of our leadership has transformed Summit Retail Solutions into an industry leader.

Chad Powers President

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Chad is a reputed executive with more than a quarter century of experience running a marketing and sales firm in both B2B and B2C settings. He cofounded Summit Retail Solutions in historic downtown New Bedford, Massachusetts, when he recognized BJ’s Wholesale Club’s need for quality special event sales support. Chad has since led the conception and adaptation of business models for a multitude of major retailers and Fortune 500 companies from around the world. He focuses on building relationships with new retailers and creating new product and program options for the sales force. Chad’s entire professional trajectory represents his commitment to recruiting people and presenting them with fun, challenging career opportunities.

Chad is known for his authenticity, sincerity, and work ethic. He is particularly goal-driven when launching a new product or program and can see the opportunities that result.

The Summit Retail Solutions President stays busy by furthering the expansion of the organization and spending time with his four children.

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Daniel Weaver Vice President of Merchandising

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Daniel handles brand management, international sourcing, product development, and creative direction. He has developed multiple brands, including Panda Life at Costco, New Domaine at BJ’s, and Terra Life at Sam’s Club. He has used his superior negotiation abilities to establish several partnerships in Asia. These relationships help expand the reach of China-sourced businesses.

Daniel earned a BS from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and has decades of experience in design, product development, sourcing, and brand management. Prior to his Summit Retail Solutions career, he was a Designer at Colehaan and at Tandy Brands Accessories.

When he isn’t wielding his creative expertise in the office, Daniel enjoys theater, food, and spending time with his nieces and nephews. He is committed to walking the Jimmy Fund Marathon every year.

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Tom Spiro Senior Vice President of Field Operations

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Tom joined Summit Retail Solutions as the Vice President of Field Operations, and was promoted to his current position as the company grew. He was with the company from the start and has been instrumental in building our firm into a multi-million dollar enterprise in five years with a presence in 27 states. He now oversees the entire sales force. Tom focuses on growing targeted regions by talent scouting, mentoring, and developing the company’s future leaders and managers.

Tom attended Bates College in Maine and received a BA in psychology. He worked with Smart Circle upon graduating and became incorporated as a business owner in Cincinnati, Ohio by age 23. Tom contributed 10 years to developing the organization.

Professionally, Tom is most passionate about talent scouting and leadership development. He has 20 years of experience helping people achieve their goals. Personally, Tom finds pleasure in fitness, golf, time with his family, and watching his children flourish.

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Ron Clement Senior Vice President of Business Development

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Ron joined Summit Retail Solutions in 2011 as the Vice President of Operations. He was promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Development by 2013. His duties include the management of U.S. vendor relationships with Mexico and the relationships with BJ’s, Costco/Wegman’s, and Price Chopper. Ron also finds, develops, and introduces new products to retailers.

Ron studied marketing and accounting at UMASS Dartmouth. He is a master relationship builder and has more than 25 years of experience managing sales in small and large companies alike. Ron also applied his passion to the founding of two businesses.

Ron supports the United Way of Southeastern Massachusetts. He is a U.S. military veteran who spends his spare time with his family and friends, and completing carpentry and masonry projects.

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Chris Hatch National Program Director

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Chris manages national trainers and program managers. He focuses on business development, particularly in terms of program testing and rollouts. He also hires and trains managers within each program, runs training calls for international partners, and assists with the oversight of targeted territories.

Chris is an award-winning sales expert, known for his ability to adjust and reinvigorate campaigns. He has revamped training processes and created the national trainer role as well. His hard work and achievement within Summit Retail Solutions demonstrate his enthusiasm for growth.

Before joining the organization, Chris was a financial advisor for John Hancock, an independent agent for Aflac, and a professional at Putnam Investments. Chris is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he studied business administration. Outside the workplace, Chris enjoys a passion for sports.

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Shad Weinstein CFO

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With more than 20 years of experience in managing financial processes, Shad joined Summit Retail Solutions in 2013. As the Chief Financial Officer, Shad oversees the company’s financial portfolio and processes. A true example of Summit’s collaborative, developmental culture, Shad has continually expanded his role to now include software portfolio management and physical logistics. A true “fixer,” Shad thrives on digging into challenges and determining the most beneficial course of action. In his free time, he deeply enjoys spending time with his family and fitting in a round of golf.

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Darren Fredette Consultant

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In 2013, Darren joined Summit Retail Solutions as SVP, Finance and Strategy, a role in which he was responsible to oversee the company’s organizational needs, including key personnel and departments, contract administration, system and process refinement, and reporting. He also spearheaded infrastructure build-outs, a proprietary inventory management system, a freight optimization strategy, as well as capital management and business partner development.

Darren has played a pivotal role in growing our firm with many accomplishments to his name. He established a scalable infrastructure that supported revenue increase, developed and negotiated key legal agreements with our wholesale, indemnity, staffing, retail, and leasing partners, and was instrumental in expanding our operations to Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Spain. Today, Darren is a trusted advisor to our company.

Prior to joining Summit Retail Solutions, Darren spent most of his career in the New York metropolitan area where he invested in and advised companies across a variety of industries. Darren brings to his work years of experience conducting complex financial transactions for investment banks, private equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, and other corporate clients. He has also held leadership roles at several firms including Trimaran Capital Partners, LLC Tetrault Insurance Agency, Inc., and TSG Capital Group, LLC, and $5 billion investment fund Silver Point Capital, L.P. He holds a B.S. in Economics, cum laude, from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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