Discover What We Do

for retailers:

Sales Programs for Current Customers

Through research-driven and highly customized in-store demonstration programs, we deepen relationships with purchase-ready consumers in your retail locations and accelerate sales.

for brands:

Tailor-Made Brand Connections

We match product offerings with the audiences of our national retail partners through targeted special events. Our retail sales solutions expose brands to tens of thousands of consumers in multiple regions simultaneously for massive exposure.

for team members:

Join the Team

A Summit Retail Solutions career isn’t simply a job. It’s a journey of character building and professional learning. We’re committed to helping people build successful careers through growth and mentorship opportunities.

Retail Sales Solutions that Take Your Brand to the Top

Let us help you drive your brand to the summit of success

Summit Retail Solutions provides high-visibility marketing solutions in big box retail locations that aggressively drive sales for national brands.

We connect brands with customers through authentic face-to-face interactions, proven in-store promotions and loyalty programs that drive brand recognition, customer acquisitions, and increased sales revenues. Our brand portfolio includes Fortune 500 enterprises as well as independent businesses. Find out more about us.

The Pillars of Our Corporate Success

Unmatched National Representation

We have a leadership team that has more than 40 years of combined experience building a best-in-class sales force. Our hardworking, dedicated sales representatives are our greatest asset and drive our company’s success. Visit our career center to find out how we deeply invest in and develop effective brand representatives across the country.

Localized Headquarters, National Support

We have established a localized management structure throughout our territories to facilitate sales trainings, campaign reviews, and compliance standards. Discover how we support our national team.

Dedicated to Performance-Based Results

Each of our sales programs is designed to generate aggressive results and growth for our clients and partners. We build a positive impression with consumers that has staying power. This drives sustainable and long-term growth that our partners can measure. Increased sales and customer loyalty are evident in every campaign. Learn more about our results-based approach.

Successful Marketing and Sales Careers

We are deeply committed to professional excellence and provide mentorship and networking opportunities to help you succeed.