How We Do It

How Summit Retail Solutions Creates Success

Summit Retail Solutions combines data analysis, campaign expertise, innovative professionals, and a focus on growth to deliver the most respected retail sales and lead generation solutions.



Marketing Design

Using insights to customize marketing solutions

During the marketing design phase, we will conduct a deep dive into the market competition, a white space analysis and review the overall demonstrability of the products or program. Using this information, we’ll create an appropriate retail offer that’s compelling to the consumer and the retailer.


Campaign Planning

Transforming plans into tangible brand interactions that drive revenue

The campaign development stage ensures we create a comprehensive sales strategy. We make projections regarding merchandising, place orders, and develop plans for inventory replenishment. Our professionals conceptualize the display of merchandise and make logistical arrangements. This phase includes extended training in field compliance and customer engagement. We ensure proper product demonstration and consumer education to drive sales.



Highly trained sales staff connects your brand with customers

A system of dedicated program managers improves bottom lines by becoming product experts, analyzing data, developing best practices, and providing ongoing training and support. Our sales force maintains the highest standards for the presentation of quality and value propositions to drive results for our retail partners and brands. Our compliance team handles staffing, inventory, signage and display presentation, and merchandising.


A Future of Growth

Our focus is on providing aggressive solutions that produce a lasting, positive impression on consumers. Every new client relationship represents the start of a long-term partnership.

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Marketing and sales experts

We’re known for our face-to-face sales promotions within big box retail locations.