Working with summit

Our culture makes Summit Retail Solutions the ideal home for people seeking a career.

Join Summit Retail Solutions and discover a community of diverse professionals with an ambitious mission. The culture is driven by expert leadership, positivity, drive, and comradery, creating a space where everyone is driven to learn and grow. Anyone with a student mentality will find space within our progressive firm to learn new skills and develop their career. Our pillars of success make it all possible.

Summit Retail Solutions’

Pillars of Success



Our Community of Leaders

We foster a culture of leading by example. Our CEO and those within company leadership set the tone for winning. These accomplished professionals have ambition and drive and know how to translate hard work into results. Every new hire learns directly from people who inspire others to reach their own personal summits.


Determination and Drive Creates Success

Hard work and results are actively rewarded at Summit Retail Solutions. The focus is on your impactful contributions, not your tenure. Employees who have motivation for growth and advancement are coached in how best to map out their professional journeys. Any team member can reach the top by taking advantage of the support and opportunities offered by our leadership team.


Benefits and a Fun Environment

Teamwork and fun are tangible throughout Summit Retail Solutions. Hands-on campaign design and implementation within our fast-moving, challenging industry keeps our people engaged and sparks career growth. We have a compensation model to delivers sales results unmatched by our competitors. Best-in-class benefits add to our company perks.


A vibrant atmosphere

Positive mind-sets and motivation radiate throughout our workplace.