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Exploring Our Work Hard Mentality

Summit Retail Solutions is built on three pillars of success: our community of leaders, determination and drive, and the benefits of a fun environment. These values are evident in everything we do, from our dynamic in-store campaigns to our team member training and rewards. Each month, we’re sharing a bit more about each pillar of our success. Last month, we shared more about our community of leaders. This month we’re diving deeper into the ways that determination and drive shape our success.
Across our organization, we place a high value on drive and determination. We believe every team member is capable of great personal success, and we continually invest in our people to provide growth opportunities. In fact, many of our team members rise up and become part of our community of leaders. A common thread among our most successful team members is a strong personal desire to succeed, making this our second pillar of success. This type of motivation is highly rewarded across Summit Retail Solutions.
At Summit Retail Solutions, recognition is a result of your contributions, not your tenure. Teammates who shine are actively rewarded and provided with more opportunities to do more of what fuels their inner need for success.

Our company creates very high energy, impactful in-store presentations for major brands. As a result, we value high energy, motivated individuals who have a strong individual drive to succeed. Although we provide extensive training and development opportunities, an inherent desire to drive sales and hit performance goals is essential.

A great place to start personally is creating a growth map. This type of visioning activity allows you to determine where you want your career to go. The great news is that Summit Retail Solutions is committed to each individual’s success. We believe that when our people succeed, we succeed as a company. To achieve this, we connect you with mentors within the organization and provide ample opportunities for personal growth, training and development. We’ll give you all the tools you need to fuel your personal growth.