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Secrets to Successful Product Sales

Summit Retail Solutions helps brands connect with customers through customized, creative and impactful face-to-face interactions. Our experienced sales professionals present products in big box retail locations. We are experts in successfully matching your product with outlets and customers.

Once we’ve identified the most successful strategy for marketing your product, it’s time for our talented sales people to make revenue-generating connections with customers. With more than 8 years developing these campaigns for major brands, we’ve developed tried and true techniques and provide extensive training and development to our teams.

While the market knowledge and level of customization that Summit Retail Solutions brings to each campaign and our community of leaders are essential to our success, there are a few overall sales techniques that any salesperson can find effective.

Focus on the need. A great salesperson doesn’t sell someone something they don’t need. A successful salesperson is a master at connecting with people, gathering information about their needs and then addressing those needs with beneficial products.

Discuss the unique benefits. Of course there are great things about the product you’re selling, but focusing on how a product will benefit a person’s specific situation is the key to sales success. It’s not about high pressure, it’s about high value.

Deliver the information. At Summit Retail Solutions, our teams are extensively trained on the products they represent. We believe this intimate knowledge of the product leads to more authentic connections with customers. It’s important to understand, use and experience a product in order to truly connect with a potential customer.

Close the deal. This is a given! Now that the need has been identified and information has been delivered, it’s time to deliver the closing pitch. Focus on the customer and the benefits, and you’ll be successful.

Summit Retail Solutions is successful because of our ability to increase brand reach by perfectly matching product offerings with customers. We focus on high-traffic areas within big box retailers to provide maximum exposure to purchase-ready customers. Learn more about what we do for brands.