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How a Fun Environment Fuels Your Success

Summit Retails Solutions is founded on three key principles. These ideas are so essential to our growth and success, we call them our “pillars of success.” They are truly the guiding principles that support our company. We’ve already shared a bit about our community of leaders and our work hard mentality. Here’s a bit more about our third pillar – the benefits of a fun environment – and why this pillar really sets Summit Retail Solutions apart from other companies.

Great companies don’t just happen. It takes a commitment to success both in the industry and within the actual company that many organizations simply don’t have. Summit Retail Solutions is deeply committed to providing the ongoing training, growth opportunities and benefits programs that lead to higher morale and more success within our teams. When our people are successful, our business thrives.

Training + Teamwork

Summit Retail Solutions accelerates your career by providing thoughtful and accessible training at every level. Our individualized approach to coaching means you receive mentorship and practical skills training that aligns with your personal success goals. When you’re a success, we’re a success. In fact, our hands-on training prepares up-and-coming leaders to help drive our business.

Hands-On Opportunities

Now that you’ve received the tools you need to succeed, we believe in offering you a roadmap to get to where you want to be in your career. Our organization has a clear and successful path developed for those who want to climb to the top. In addition to individualized coaching, we will continue to provide you with growth and development opportunities. We promote from within 100% of the time, and your ability to rise within our organization is limited only by your drive and ambition.

Industry-Leading Benefits

Another benefit to working with Summit Retail Solutions is, well, benefits! We offer best-in-class medical, dental, 401k and other voluntary and beneficial insurances. As you progress in the organization, additional benefits like a fuel and cell phone allowance are available as well. We believe in acting with integrity and respect in all we do and that includes how we reward our team members with benefits.

If you’re looking for a career with staying power, Summit Retail Solutions is the place for you. Learn more about working with Summit Retail Solutions, then apply to join the team and fast-track your success.