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5 Secrets of Successful In-Store Product Demos

Summit Retail Solutions is the expert in hosting engaging, in-person product demos in big box retailers. We connect brands with consumers in an authentic and results-driven way. Here’s why in-store product demos can be so effective in connecting your brand with new customers.

  1. A Purchase Mindset: Our Summit Retail Solutions in-store demos put your product directly in front of customers who are already shopping. They’re ready to make a purchase and are open to experiencing a new product or service.
  2. A Physical Interaction: Summit Retail Solutions in-store demos give customers the opportunity to personally experience your product. They’ll engage their senses and their decision making as they touch your product and begin to imagine that product as part of their everyday life.
  3. A Personal Approach: It’s no secret that big box retail outlets are just that – BIG. They’re busy and the shopping experience can often be overwhelming. The Summit Retail Solutions team are the experts at personally connecting with customers in an authentic way.
  4. A Solutions Focus: Summit Retail Solutions product demos are designed to demonstrate the immediate value of your product. Because we also focus on providing a personal experience for each customer, we can tailor each product demonstration to address a customer’s personal needs and concerns. This personal touch drives higher conversion.
  5. A Common Goal: Throughout our partnership with your brand, we will discuss your sales and acquisition goals and consider our performance. Choosing a product demo partner who doesn’t understand the value of a long-term partnership can provide can lead to lackluster results. Instead, choose a partner like Summit Retail Solutions who is trusted by nationwide brands to deliver real results.

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