Summit Retail Solutions is dedicated to building market share for products with a story to tell.  We provide brands of exceptional value to the end consumer, along with extraordinary service to our retail partners.

Our concept:

Summit works with retail partners to search for hot, trending products that engage consumers through an exciting demonstration or a unique product story. Our strength is in our versatility. We work with products ranging from high-end cosmetics and hair care items to natural cleaning agents, toys, and much more. We’re very excited about our newest addition—seasonal food items.

Developing professional Brand Representatives through guided training is in our DNA. Our management team possesses more than 50 years of combined sales and marketing experience specific to the direct marketing industry. In applying this experience, Summit has developed unique and innovative in-store marketing programs that engage thousands of consumers daily. Our fast-paced, face-to-face promotions quickly relay a product’s story or message directly to consumers, increasing sales of that product.

Our Team:

Our success is the direct result of our company philosophy, which is quite simple, really:

Our dedicated team of professionals is our greatest asset.

This one concept is the main current that runs through all aspects of Summit Retail Solutions. We value our sales team above all else—and our retailers and the brands we represent love working with them because of their versatility and professionalism. They engage customers at in-store events in major retail venues, presenting the products and brands we work with directly to the public. They are the face of the product as well as a representation of Summit.

We create a work environment that allows and encourages hardworking people to take ownership of their careers, and feel at home in our business. Ours is an impressive and growing portfolio of incredibly talented people, and we are dedicated to building on that. Summit is the vehicle that allows our team members to reach their career and financial goals. In turn, our team builds and supports our retail relationships and grows our brand and product portfolio.

The result? Success for our retail partners, our team members, and our company.