Summit Retail Solutions was founded on the idea that bringing retail partners together with customers by way of a superior, highly trained sales force, would mean success for all parties.

In order to avoid declining margins, retailers need a way to educate their customers and provide better value.

Why does our approach work so well?  We represent products with a unique story—products that can be best appreciated and understood through direct interaction with our engaging sales team. A fun and compelling demonstration brings these products to life before the eyes of the consumer. This demonstration provides a memorable product experience resulting in brand loyalty.

The personal interaction is what makes our approach work. Bringing our retail partners together with customers through our superior sales force is the key. We provide face-to-face, one-on-one, direct human contact within our approach.

Now that you understand our approach, here’s an overview of our business principles:

  • We partner with quality retailers whose focus is on providing service and value to their customers.
  • We work with products, many of which are new-to-market, that have a unique story to tell—products that need a voice to be understood and truly valued.
  • Our highly trained sales people skilled at human interaction bring the value and story of a product to the end consumer better than any other medium.
  • Our sales force is our greatest asset. Truly. We say this a lot, but it can’t be emphasized enough. To find out more about what our team does and how we support them, click here.