The current economic climate has created a tremendous opportunity for Summit Retail Solutions. The demand for a cost-effective way to increase sales, add variety, and provide value to a retailer’s customer base is greater now than ever.

Our simple, effective concept combined with our talented sales force produces the positive, measurable results our retail partners need:

  • increased sales velocity of products
  • broadened product category offerings
  • consistent competitive edge
  • increased margins

Other forms of marketing and promotion can’t match the results we are able to provide. As a result of this edge, Summit has expanded quickly and achieved double-digit growth for the last three consecutive years.

The great news is that our forecast indicates this impressive growth trend will continue into the foreseeable future.  This means we will be expanding our client base with new products, brands and retail partners. Geographic expansion into new markets means we’ll be growing our sales force and expanding our management team.

Whether you are a candidate looking for a career opportunity, or you represent a product or retailer, consider the implications of being part of an organization that is positioned for, and actively investing, in dynamic growth.

If you’re interested in the opportunity to join our team, check out current career opportunities here.

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